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Voytek Orseech
UX | Digital Designer

I am
a dedicated and experienced designer.
I have the right skill set to help businesses and brands improving their Results Of Investments.
My passion is to solve problems with digital solutions, and to build positive user experience through accessible interfaces.
I am focused on making the best interactions between people and digital products, delivering responsive websites and clean layouts.
I create useful products in order to achieve user needs and business goals. For me, it is a great opportunity to combine design and technology.
I have 10 years of agency work experience and over 12 years of experience working with my personal clients (worldwide) as a freelancer.
My background is visual design.

More about my background:
• I have a degree in Mixed Media & Graphic Design. I studied in the Academy of Fine Arts & Design
• I graduated with the highest possible degree, additionally, I spent one year in Portugal where I learned and improved my skills
• I have worked in the visual design field for over 12 years
• I worked in Amsterdam and Manchester
• I worked at MusicTribe developing interactions & UI systems for audio products where UX principles were heavily involved
• I am passionate about the mixture of creativity & technology
• A little bit of my character: I am perceived as a reliable, energetic, hard-working, and open-minded person
• For many years I have been in love with typography, it is a very loyal relationship :]
• I created a multitude of logos during my entire career
• I have vast experience in designing responsive websites, landing pages, email templates, visual ‘eye candy’ designs & brand identities

I am ready to create the most original and unique project for you.

Feel free to e-mail me anytime.

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