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User Experience

Positive user experience leads to increasing your conversion rate and can bring a lot of profit to your business. The result of your investment in building a usable website can be doubled or tripled by implementing the UX principles in a wise and accurate way.
The navigation through pages plus the interaction between your customers and your website or digital products are crucial here.
I am able to improve usability, accessibility and credibility in the most efficient way which results in very positive user experience, building trust of your brand, and creates a great image of your business.


A brand is a personal feeling about a product, service or company. It is not only the logo or colours but actually the emotions that are created in a human head about the brand's identity in general.
I have over 10 years of experience in creating visual identities for brands and businesses. I truly understand what your business needs to look like to become credible, reliable, accessible, how your message needs to sound (look) and how to be perceived as one of the greatest on the market.
At the same time, I deliver graphic elements that combined together create the entire visual brand identity:
a logo mark, typography, primary brand colours, icons, imagery etc.
Depending on your needs I can refresh and redesign the image of your brand, or I can create a completely new and modern identity for your startup or a just-launched company.
I have vast experience in creating trademarks. I am able to help you with legal issues related to registering a trademark and explain what the principles are in this case.

Digital Design

Whenever you need a redesign of your current website, a new layout for the landing page, a user interface design for your products or an app design - I am the right person to execute it for you.
Let's get in touch if you are looking for great layouts, graphics, single web elements or anything else that is exposed to your clients and exists in the spectrum of digital design.
I always pay a lot of attention to visual aesthetics. I am focused on delivering the solving problem designs, clean and accessible interfaces and modern ‘eye-candy’ layouts.
I am going to use my experience combined with my skills and my pro efficient tools in order to find the greatest solutions for your small or big problems. This way I can help you grow and also create the most beautiful graphics which are going to draw attention of new customers.
If required do not hesitate to ask me for more details.

Audio Software

I design and prototype interfaces and features for music-related software tools.
In one of the parts of my journey, I was a member of the UX Team where I was creating components and UI systems for the newest generation of Audio products. I was designing a complex user interface for touchscreen-based devices.
I gained a lot of experience by finding and innovating the greatest solutions of interactions between users and touch screens. One of the biggest challenges I faced was to enable the user to operate on many levels while leaving them visible and working on one screen.
Generally speaking, this gives the user the benefit of endless possibilities and multi-tasking proactivity.
I can deliver transition between analogue to completely digital interfaces, simultaneously achieving great usability and accessibility.
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